Stop twisting my words.
Edits aren't everything.

You know what? I am so annoyed. I am demoting myself to a regular user for good. Like it or not. I CAN'T STAND THIS PLACE ANYMORE! The IRC is too dramatic. I wanna move on to a more relaxing setting. I think this change will be for the better, believe it or not. I can't trust most of the people on the Wiki. I can only trust and like a few people: Kate, Ryan, Shinneth, Liz, Tulle, Nalyd, Bb, Bigez, Gleek, Jam among others and I think you for respecting me while my time on the Wiki. I'll be on the IRC time to time, but not as much and I am not going to except adminship, even if it's for a day. If you guys hate me, so be it. I don't care. You guys brought me down and hurt me for too long and I am sick of it. Some users I'm surprised at, some I am not.

For now, goodbye Total Drama Wiki.