"Guys, chill! Ryan needs his time in the shower!," Ariel responded.
"Dude's been hoggin' the shower for two hours now. Don't you think we deserve some time in there?", protested Le-a.
Suddenly, the door to the communal bathrooms swung open and Ryan came out, singing. "La, la, laaaaaa!"
"Finally, we can get some time to show--," Le-a was interrupted by Chris McLean's voice echoing through camp.
"Adventurers, meet me in the mess hall now! It's time for today's challenge!", Chris demanded through the intercom.
Marilyn rolled her eyes. "Oh, excitement."
"I heard that!," shouted Chris through the intercom.

A snowball hit the window of the boys cabin, waking up Ariel.
"What the?" he muttered.
"Turn up the heat, idiots." grunted Ryan.
"Ryan!" said Ariel, shaking Ryan. "Look, snow!"
Jeff instantly woke up. "Snow? Wicked, dude!"

After the boys put on a jacket, they opened the door to reveal the volcanic island blanketed in white, fluffy, frosty snow.
Jason and Chung were already up, throwing snowballs at each other.
Ariel instantly dove off the porch, landing hard onto the snow.

Ariel: (grins nervously) Whaaat? I wanted to make a snow angel.
Ryan: 'Oooh, snow! Ooohh', nerds. (scoffs)

Ryan left the cabin, wearing a trimmed red jacket. "Since when does this island have snow?"
"Actually, it normally doesn't." Chris was standing behind Ryan, wearing a thick snow suit, blue and with extra fluffy trimming. "Since our budget went up, we took a risk and altered the rain clouds in the sky, making them snow clouds. Wicked, eh?"
Ryan frowned. "No. Now I'm cold."
"I thought you'd say that, so Chef took the liberty to order snow suits, jackets, hats, and other snow clothes!" Chris said, while he tossed Ryan a snow jacket.
"Is this part of the challenge today?" asked Nalyd.
"Exact-a-mundo! For that, you get a snowball!" Chris responded, taking the liberty to throw a snowball at Nalyd's face. Luckily, he dodged and instead it hit Ariel.
"Ow!" Ariel whined off-screen.